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The Treasury Building is the northwestern of several similar buildings between Northwest Street, College Avenue, Bladen Street, and Calvert Street.

We all came to the state capital to see the state capitol. This is the State House viewed from MD Route 70, Bladen Street.

Heading around State Circle to maximize my views of the building. It's so nice, they signed it twice.

The State House's statues include Baron Johann de Kalb and Roger Brooke Taney. The former was a Bavarian French general who was a Continental Army major general killed in action during the Revolutionary War. The latter was an Attorney General and Supreme Court Chief Justice. Given his decision against Dred Scott, it's odd to find a monument to him in the 21st century. (He also was the first rejected appointee for a Cabinet position, Secretary of the Treasury, due to his helping President Jackson dismantle the national bank.) It's apparently one of the only monuments left, with many places having changed names or removed statues.

The Naval Academy Chapel dome dominates the skyline, even above the old downtown.

The best views are from MD Route 450, so click over below for the corresponding Roads page with more scenery.

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