Massachusetts - Hubbardston


All photos are by MA Route 68/Main Street at Elm and Brigham Streets.

The Federated Church is on the northeast side of the intersection. The millstone is nigh.

The Civil War monument is almost as nigh, being closer to the intersection instead of set back. The names of Hubbardston dead are inscribed on the four sides, with battle names on the bottom.

There's an old store on the southwest corner. Let's look inside.

I'm pretty sure they shouldn't be selling any of these tonics and elixirs. Let's try another window.

This sled looks promising. But what's on the shelves behind it?

Oh no, no, no, these won't do at all. Best move on.

This building, just north on Main Street, is still Hubbardston's library, though the post office has moved to a more modern facility across the street.

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