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As secular as Christmas gets, 2001 in South Station, Boston.

The USS Constitution, Old Ironsides, as seen on the Freedom Trail.
You might be wondering why I don't have more Yankee Stadium pictures up here. Well, the few times I go to The Stadium, I usually don't have my camera, and most of the views aren't so great thanks to the parking lot and the Elevated. Fenway's plenty historic, of course, and I can't hate the only stadium that's ever been within walking distance of one of my residences (but I still do).

The new Green Monster seats, and the Coke bottle that's always been there. It lights up for home runs, which happen quite often thanks to the tiny little left field.

A civil engineer's perspective.

The Monster herself.

My, home plate's awfully close. Fenway's quite the hitter's park.

Right field - these seats fill for every game, because seating capacity is right around 37,000. Compare this with Yankee Stadium's 57,000.

The retired numbers bunting. Doesn't come close to Monument Park in terms of honoring players, though.

The home bullpen. Which sees quite a lot of use.

Jason Varitek prepares to stretch for balls outside the strike zone, and Pedro Martinez (in a Mets uniform as I write this) prepares to throw them.

In the visitor's bullpen, Joe Kennedy takes his warmup pitches.

Fenway's scoreboard combines pitcher speed, pitch count, and both pitcher and hitter statistics. In case you're wondering, Pedro was playing somewhat injured in the spring, hence the high ERA.

The famous sign greeting visitors to Fenway Park. It's visible from the stadium but really belongs to Kenmore Square a few blocks away.
Welcome to Chinatown.

A nice little retreat.

Not convinced these are 100% authentic.

Ding Ho. Ding Ho Fast. Take Ho Out.

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2006 Boston Pumpkin Festival
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