Massachusetts - Birdhouses


So there I was in Massachusetts with my roadgeeking buddy, checking out this old peninsula that used to carry a rail line. We drive to the end, gaze out over the water, and head back to the car. I glance over to the left, and I see:

And that's just the beginning.

Click for closeup of the upper left-hand corner birdhouses.

There were so many birdhouses, some didn't have a place to live and slept on the ground.

Not everything was a birdhouse...

I think these actually are birdhouses, but they look like fish.

That's definitely a fish. And a... naked mermaid?... kids, cover your eyes.

And when I thought it was all over, I turned my camera off, having snapped every birdhouse I could see, and took one last look around. Right by my shoe, this dog sums it all up:

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