Massachusetts - Amesbury - Main St. Buildings

Amesbury - Buildings along Main Street

This former church stands at the bottom of Rocky Hill Road.

This is the 1745 Something Webster House. Can't read it, can't get a confirmation of who lived here first. It could be Stephen Webster (definitely S-), who is famous Daniel's brother, since that family did have ties to Amesbury.

One more old house along the Merrimack River stretch of Main Street, then this 1654 (!) house up near MA Route 110.

The Main Street Congregational Church is closer to downtown Amesbury, on the part of Main Street that's also MA Route 150. I think the old house to the south belongs to the church.

100 Main Street is the 1905 former post office. It still has an eye on things.

On the east side of Main Street approaching the downtown core at Mill Street.

On the west at the same spot. Continue with photos from Thornton Square and Powwow River at the first big link below.

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