Massachusetts - Amesbury - Off Main St.

Amesbury - Off Main Street

The Town Hall Annex is at 10 School Street, just north of Main Street if you're walking but a drive around the block thanks to one-way streets.

Up School Street to Friend Street, going the wrong way up a one-way street (MA Route 150 southbound).

Carriage Mills is at 9 Water Street and is a former carriagemaking factory.

This building is across from Carriage Mills at Elm Street.

These photos are taken in a courtyard along the Powwow River to the west of Thornton Square, behind the businesses fronting Main Street and High Street. I start off looking southeast and pivot through east to north.

This former warehouse is now Amesbury Industrial Supply, west of the courtyard area. It's in the back of the second photo, which was taken from the riverfront.

The matching old warehouse is just west of the Industrial Supply building on High Street.

This is why I was in that area to begin with. The Powwow River tumbles over several sets of cascades after leaving artificial (created for these buildings during the Industrial Revolution) Lake Grafton. This whitewater is just west of Main Street, and then falls under both street and buildings before coming out the other side along Water Street (behind Carriage Mills).

Carriage Lofts is upriver by Pond Street at the first set of falls downriver of the lake. From the name, I gather this is related to the Water Street mill. It's possible the only relation is that they were both for carriagemaking, since that was Amesbury's main industry in the second half of the 19th century.

This small waterfall powered the upstream factory.

Looking downriver from the lofts.

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