Illinois - US 66 - Lincoln

Lincoln (former US 66)

Welcome to Lincoln, but I'm not sure you're welcome here. It's at Washington Street and 1st Street, once the southern gateway to the city but now a little off the main bypass highway. (Business Route I-55 goes this way for some reason, which is the only reason why I found it. Most people follow more major roads instead of the signed route.)

See? I wasn't kidding. The small Washington Street is the signed route, not the major divided highway (old Route 66).

Driving through downtown on Pulaski Street. Most of these buildings date to the 1890s. The first photo looks north on Chicago Street.

Pulaski Street makes a beeline to the courthouse.

The post office is on the corner east of the courthouse.

Facing the southwest side of the courthouse.

This is not how a Q is used. Kick Knees? It's on Keokuk Street, which is not exactly the easiest to pronounce itself, but at least it's not Qeoquq.

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