Illinois - US 66 - Joliet

Joliet (former US 66)

Rich & Creamy doesn't really have anything to do with the Blues Brothers, but they're now iconic for having the guys posed on top.

A handful of old cars are posed across the street to keep your interest while you wait in line for dairy coolness.

Not in the mood for artificially sweetened soft-serve goo? Come explore some of the... art. This is the most palatable piece, "Mother Nature."

Formerly facing the back walls of rowhouses along Bluff Street, and supporting the back walls of rowhouses along Broadway Street, the old stones and chiseled rock between those two roads now is the backdrop for a tranquil riverfront park. I imagine it doubles as a lake in the rainy season.

Looking back south from the north end of the wall.

Joliet's 1912 Union Station, one of many with that imaginative name across the country (including Chicago), at Washington and Scott Streets (IL Route 53 northbound).

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Road photos from old US 66 (IL Route 53) in Joliet

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