Iowa - Greeley


The only reason anyone comes to Greeley from outside the town is for the Budweiser Clydesdale along Highway 38. Yes, not just a Clydesdale statue, this was actually donated by Budweiser in 1987, in honor of the Brady brothers of Greeley who handled Bud's horses for decades including "Pete."

It's also a 19th-century town with 19th-century buildings, having sprung up during the westward movement inspired by the quote misattributed to one Horace Greeley. Yeah, now it clicks into place. (Yes, misattributed. I'm not saying Soule said it either. Let's just say Greeley popularized it and I've just realized that this has become entirely too pedantic for a roads-oriented website, even if I am in the non-roads section.)

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