Hawai`i - Hana Highway (CR 31)

Hana Highway - East of Hana (County Route 31)

Looking north into the foothills of Haleakala. The rich volcanic soil makes Hawai`i very productive, and Maui seems to be the most productive of all the islands. Just ask the beef.

Passing the small island of Alau.

Makai (beach side) photos on the way to...

Once in awhile, there just happen to be waterfalls by the roadside. This is probably south of Mu`olea because that's where the road gets fun.

As you would expect, the road passes under lots of trees. Or tree, if it's a banyan.

Along the coast, coming to the mouth of the Seven Sacred Pools of Hana in the `Ohe`o Gulch. They're not sacred at all - it was a marketing ploy - but they are a beautiful recreational area.

Past `Ohe`o (first photo) to another gulch that looks just as promising but is far less swimmable. The road gets narrower and narrower as it heads west, and then has been closed at one point due to earthquake damage. Locals can still get through in their 4x4's and pickups, but then the road becomes unpaved for several miles beyond that so there's no reason to continue in a rental car.

Coming back toward `Ohe`o again, past the ruins of what was likely an ancient heiau, or temple. Homesteads and most other buildings were probably constructed less robustly; other sites that look like this all tend to be temples. Plus it has a killer view.

The view to the right and left from the temple site. Think that's beautiful? Click on the first photo.

I started from the bottom of the pools and waded my way up, taking photos in all directions except west (where all the people are sitting dipping their toes or watching others swim).

Heading up to the CR 31 bridge, looking mauka (inland) and makai (seaward).

Some of the heavily forested scenery from the drive back north to Hana.

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