Florida - St. Augustine

St. Augustine

Flagler College took over the 1888 Ponce de León Hotel for its flagship (pun semi-intended) building. Photos are from King Street, Business US Route 1.

Heading back past the old hotel on King Street to US Route 1.

Another 1888 hotel, Casa Monica, is just to the east and on the south side of King Street.

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine was constructed in 1565 - that's before anyone spoke English on this continent - and was reconstructed in 1797. I would say that's it, but it was remodeled in 1965 for its quatercentenary.

The tallest building in the city is only 6 stories. You'd think someone could have done more since 1928, but historic preservation sensibilities took over. That said, the First National Bank Building (now Cathedral Place Office Building) blends nicely with its surroundings.

Now on Cathedral Place, the one-way street paired with King Street downtown at Plaza de la Constitución, which stakes a claim as the oldest North American park. For some definition, I suppose.

Being on Cathedral Place gives me much better access for cathedral photos, unsurprisingly. I imagine more than just the year was added in the 1965 renovation, like the American seal.

An old marketplace anchors 1 King Street at the Bridge of Lions, which leads to all the beaches to the south along Anastasia Island.

This was my best effort while driving on the Bridge of Lions to photograph Castillo de San Marcos, an old Spanish fort to the north. By old, I mean 17th century. Still going strong.

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