Florida - Jacksonville


Call it a skyline, coming in off the Hart Bridge.

Both buildings are clearly labeled, so I'll explain that the monorail-looking thing is really the Jacksonville Transportation Authority Skyway people mover. Regular, but short, train, moving in an L along Bay Street to Hogan Street and back. Jacksonville's not exactly known for transit.

The Haydon Burns Library may be ugly on the outside, but it's beautiful on the inside. It served as library from psychedelic 1965 until no one could stand it in 2005, but the original architect was still alive, so destroying it would have been awkward. To make the best of a redheaded stepchild, it was bought and converted into a space for non-profits. The rent is much lower than other properties, and the building has very limited facilities that require everyone to pool resources. (They try to frame this as a positive.) Remarkably, the building meets LEED certification. It's not just lime green on the outside!

Leaving the city to the north along Main Street, US Route 1.

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