Connecticut - Whale Bowl - Pregame/alumni warmups

Whale Bowl pregame and alumni warmups

When the wind chill is less than 10 degrees, even whales freeze. Even whale mascots freeze.

Views of the rink put together inside Rentschler Field. There was definitively no football going on in this weather.

Obligatory photo of Army vs. American International University. Army ran away with the game.

Some fans elected to sit in the stands opposite the rink, but that made little sense to me. Here's the view they would have had, getting progressively better as I approach the rink where Bruins (beehive) and Whalers alumni are warming up, joined by Pucky the Whale and CT Whale mascot Sonar (formerly and later the Hartford Wolf Pack mascot). The spirit of the Whalers is alive and well in Connecticut. Brass Bonanza was played.

Surprise as I start to focus on individual players. Who knew Brian Leetch was a Bruin? Apparently he finished the last year of his career there. I refuse to let one of my favorite Rangers be tainted by this association.

Maroon sweaters are for celebrities joining the warmups (more on that on the next page). Evidently the Bruins couldn't find enough alumni to play for them. I'll note that several joint alumni played for the Whalers, which is as it should be.

Bruins get together for one photo, knowing every other photo will be of the Whalers.

Pucky discusses Sonar's future contract. Sonar disappears for the next Whale season, but unfortunately tragically the name was retired after that, and Pucky with it.

A little more fun before player introductions begin.

Ed Hospodar decides it's time for a pregame fight.

Bruin alumni introductions.

And those for the Whalers. #00 is Bobby Farrelly of the Farrelly Brothers.

Time to get the game underway. Continue via the big link below.

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