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Historic Houses of Thompson, CT

The best place to start is the Thompson Historical Society. If you like shopping in quaint towns, start here. Or in almost any northern Connecticut town. Brought to you by Connecticut Tourism... not.

Taking a short walk down Chase Rd., the only road in the center of town that's not at the Route 193/Route 200 crossroads. As you see, some of these 18th-century houses are under restoration.

Looking along CT Route 193 from south to north. The stone house, like all the others in the town, are historic and unique, but it's the true Federal-style houses that excite me. There's nothing more Federal than a drab Federal green on a slab-fronted Federal house with the characteristic Federal-style chimneys, one rectangular one on either end.

On the northeast corner of Routes 193/200, unmistakably an old inn, also in the Federal style but repeating chimneys every so often to keep all the guests warm. Not only is the building very long, but it had a Federal-style (not actual Federal) addition tacked onto the northern end. The oldest part of the building is starting to sag unevenly, but is holding up better than many I've seen. I mean, how would you look at the age of 250? I did not catch what functions the building serves now.

Now to the northwest corner of the intersection, this house contends for the crown of most Federal building by having an Old Glory hanging in the front. It also has four chimneys instead of two, again trying to be twice as Federal. This house could have been for a local magistrate, governor, or other important official.

Heading west out of town on CT Route 200 past some more Federal-style houses. The green columnar mansion is on the eastbound (south) side of the road, and the other two are on the north side. It looks like the flag on the last house is another old one with well fewer than 50 stars.

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