Connecticut - New Haven

New Haven

The downtown "skyline" from East Rock Park.

The gold dome belongs to the United Church on the Green ("Brick Church") in downtown. The closer steeple is the Church of the Redeemer just outside East Rock Park.

Not a very pretty harbor, but functional.

Turning toward the west and north, where there's more scenery but fewer people. The last photo shows Mill River heading back to Lake Whitney, near where Eli Whitney located a musket factory that pioneered water power and interchangeable parts.

East Rock Park seen starting from Willow Street as I approach the entrance along Farnam Drive. There appears to be a blemish up there.

Oh, okay, it's actually really cool. That's the 1887 Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.

A small piece of related detritus nearby.

Similar but different, and sans monument, West Rock Park is seen from Valley Street and then Blake Street. I don't know the provenance of the smokestack, but it's often used as a waypoint by locals.

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