Connecticut - Guilford

Guilford, CT

The oldest building on this page, the 1755 Nathaniel Eliot house, south of town center at 103 Whitfield Street. If not for the plaque, I wouldn't have known this house is interesting.

Now I'm in the town center at Whitfield Street (CT Route 77) and Water/Boston Streets (CT Route 146). These buildings are both on the west side. The second one isn't historic (at least as far as Guilford's list), but the first dates to 1898.

Heading east, 1 and 19 Boston Street, respectively dating to 1912 and 1902.

The 1860 Benjamin Bradley house, 39 Boston Street.

The 1849 Alfred Hull and 1850 Jared Buell houses, 58 and 115 Boston Street. It's just a coincidence that I photographed the three houses all built at the same time.

Along the north side of the town green in the half-block between Whitfield Street and Church Street (CT Route 77): 1852 Joel Tuttle house, 1818 Rev. David Baldwin house, 1829 First Congregational Church.

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