California - Old US 99/I-10 - San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm

I-10 (former US 99) - San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm

I'm in the pass, so here's the wind farm. These photos look northeast just past CA Route 111 (I-10 Exit 111) at the east end of the San Bernardino Mountains.

More southerly photos in the area, featuring Mount San Jacinto.

North side along Whitewater Hill. These are the shortest posts and the smallest blades I've ever seen for turbines.

Most of the wind farm is south of I-10, so these photos range from east to south, or even a bit west along Mount San Jacinto. The Santa Rosa Mountains are in the southeastern distance.

I heard you request more wind farm photos. The first two look north and the rest don't.

More northerly photos along the Little San Bernardino Mountains. More rows of turbines. More power.

Panning from southeast to southwest as I prepare to exit to Garnet for a short old US 99 alignment.

Reentering I-10, the wind farm was waiting for me over on Edom Hill.

As I exit the freeway for good in Indio (Exit 123), these photos look back at the (big) San Bernardino Mountains and all the turbines thereon.

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