California - Old US 99 - Varner Rd.

Varner Road, former US 99

From the Palm Drive interchange at Interstate 10, just south of the west end of Varner Road, I'm looking southeast at the Santa Rosa Mountains and then north at the Little San Bernardino Mountains.

Now up at Varner Road, I'm looking southwest at Mount San Jacinto.

And you thought you were done with the wind farms after the San Gorgonio Pass pages. Nope! Varner Road heads toward Edom Hill in the Indio Hills, and you saw this same clowder of turbines at the end of the I-10 page.

They're closing in to my right and left as I drive east, but especially the left (last 3 photos).

Panning across the Coachella Valley and Santa Rosa Mountains to the south, then a broader view 2 minutes later.

Past the Indio Hills (foreground of the first two left/right paired photos), everything to the north is Little San Bernardino Mountains as Varner Road returns to the side of I-10 on past Cook Street. The last 4 photos pan from northwest to what I think are the Cottonwood Mountains in the distant east.

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