California - Old US 99 - Klamath National Park

Former US 99, Klamath National Park area

Photos follow my travel southward.

Right as I crossed into California on the old gravel path that was originally US 99, photos pan from south to the Scott Bar Mountains in the west, foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains.

Alternating westward and southward photos as I travel down I-5 to the next old US 99 segment. Black Mountain and Paradise Craggy (left-right) lie ahead, with shadowy Miller Mountain looming behind them.

From Exit 793, panning from Shelton Rock overlooking I-5 in the north toward Little Pilot to the east.

Photos from the north end of Bailey Hill Road start in the north and pan clockwise to the west. Loop back to the first photo for endless enjoyment.

More west and then more south into the "temporary" Hornbrook agricultural inspection station along I-5. It's not going anywhere.

At Exit 790, photos start in the northwest at the Scott Bar Mountains and panning toward Horn Peak in the east. I hope Horn Peak is the gnome hat in the back.

Looking west from Hornbrook Road south of Hornbrook. The hills are in the National Forest, as is most of the land here outside the immediate I-5/old US 99 corridor.

Looking south at Black Mountain as Hornbrook Road prepares to end and then totally does end next to the Klamath River, then heading back north.

Back onto I-5, heading south (one eastward photo) to the next exit.

From there, Exit 786 (CA Route 96 at a rest area), looking north and south along the Klamath River. This route leads to the Shasta River Canyon photos linked below.

Down to Yreka, which is the question you ask after someone announces an amazing discovery, looking south at Manzanita Hill and the extents of Antelope and Bally Mountains.

Manzanita Hill is to the right as I look southwest along Easy Street.

Kilgore Hills are to the northeast.

My second view of Mt. Shasta along old US 99 is southeast from there about 25 miles hence, beyond Weed.

Shamrock Road is the other gated end of the old US 99 alignment south of Yreka. This photo looks north and Kilgore Hills Road is to the right, complementing the Easy Street photo above.

Looking west at Antelope Mountain (or at least its foothill) from Shamrock Road southeast of I-5 Exit 770.

One more Mt. Shasta view.

CA Route 263, Shasta River Canyon
Continue south on old US 99 to Shasta Valley

Old US 99 road photos around Klamath National Park (Siskiyou Co.)
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