California - US 66 - Old US 66/395

Former US 66/395 scenery

Motels of San Bernardino. Is anyone else wondering why Holiday Inn hasn't gotten into a lawsuit?

Panning from right to left as I leave town northward, although the last photo is a few minutes removed from the others.

Tony's Diner was apparently once C's Diner, but you have to circle around the dead end near Devore Heights to see it.

Forgotten Americana: Unless you do head down the US 66/395 dead end instead of getting on I-15 like a good sheep or following the only other continuous route through Devore Heights, you'll never see this rooster. And really, that's what driving 66 is all about.

Looking west from Kenwood Avenue as it comes back into old US 66/395 north/west of Devore Heights.

More scenery from that stretch of old US 66/395, starting with the mountains last seen in the distance from before Tony's Diner and heading north. The other photos face west and pan from left to right.

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