California - Old US 99 - L.A. Co.

Former US 99, Los Angeles County

Leaving I-5 on Ralph's Ranch Road, this looks west along the San Andreas Fault just south of the San Emigdio Mountains.

A bit south on old US 99, the east side of Hungry Valley is to the south, Frazier Mountain is to the west, and the Tehachapi Mountains are across I-5 to the north.

Scenes from Gorman Post Road approaching CA Route 138. The second looks across Route 138 and West Branch California Aqueduct toward Bald Mountain. Original US 99 continues onto the Ridge Route from here, later bypassed by an alignment through the Transverse Ranges much closer to I-5.

Now in San Fernando, these photos were all taken at Whiteman Airport and Jessup Park, starting east and panning across the San Gabriel Mountains to the north.

San Fernando Road at Brand and Glendale Boulevards in Glendale. I can't call it timeless but I also can't tell what time it is.

The first building is St. Joseph Catholic Church along Holt Avenue in Pomona, and the second is Pomona Catholic (Girls') High School just to the east. The original church was there before the original school building, but the most recent iterations date to 1956 and 1928 respectively.

Ridge Route
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Transverse Ranges (I-5)

Old US 99 road photos in Los Angeles Co.
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