California - I-8 scenery

Interstate 8 scenery

Photos progress westward from Arizona.

Looking south and a bit east.

Passing through the Imperial Sand Dunes, panning from left (south) to right.

More dunes.

Prettified median decor in El Centro.

Some of the scenery to the south west of El Centro. The last photo is below sea level.

The left and right sides a minute later.

Closing in on the next range to the south.

One more look northward.

Into the hills west of Ocotillo.

The same stretch in 2014, now featuring a wind farm, against the backdrop of the Coyote Mountains (north) and Jacumba Mountains (west).

The eastbound and westbound roadways of I-8 end up one mile from each other as the eastbound side follows the old roadway here (US 80) while the westbound side was built on a newer alignment. Between the two of them, they are known as the Mountain Spring(s) Grade or the In-Ko-Pah Grade; the former is named after a settlement, and the latter is named after the mountains. The "piled rock" hills are very similar to Mexican scenery, unsurprisingly.

More rocks to the right (north) from the prior photos.

Continuing my descent.

Flipping back to the north side of the road for a few photos.

The road flattens out and the clouds grow ominous.

A glance back to the east at what I just came out of.

Sunset views to the north and west.

Descending into El Cajon and then opposite Exit 3, both on the south side of the freeway.

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