California - Old US 99 - Grapevine

Former US 99, Grapevine

Photos follow my travel southward at sunset.

The San Emigdio Mountains, looking south from Laval Road in Wheeler Ridge along Tejon Industrial Drive.

The Tehachapi Mountains, looking east along Laval Road.

Looking east, left and right, as I enter I-5.

Old US 99 is along I-5 toward Grapevine right up until the settlement itself. The last 3 photos pan toward the east.

And these 3 photos pan toward the west.

Looking east as I exit the highway onto old US 99 in Grapevine.

Just enjoy the blazing sunset as it sinks behind Pleito Hills at the base of the San Emigdios.

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Old US 99 road photos in Grapevine
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