California - Old US 99 - San Gorgonio Pass

Former US 99, San Gorgonio Pass

Looking west from Singleton Road at Roberts Road (which becomes old US 99 to the southeast) in Calimesa.

Looking north at Birch and Cedar Mountains in San Bernardino National Forest.

A brief connection is required along I-10 east, with Black Mountain ahead.

Alternating views south and north through Beaumont and Banning at peaks I've already captioned.

Another jaunt along I-10 by Malki Road in Owl. If you think those two wind turbines are a hoot, keep reading.

Now onto Main Street in Cabazon, panning from east to southwest along the north face of Black Mountain and its foothills.

Passing Black Mountain and about to pass wind. Literally. Not that kind of literally. There's some south of I-10 and plenty more to the north. I like the little mini turbines in the hills to the northeast which are probably full-height but hidden in crevices.

Left/right photo pairs looking south and north respectively, blessedly devoid of turbines.

The wind province (more than just a farm) extends east to the Little San Bernardino Mountains. The last photo looks north again for a break from turbines. But there's more.

Black Mountain + white turbines.

To the north, with a big pan toward the east across all those windmills. This isn't even the wind farm page!

I've finally passed the rows of turbines in front of Black Mountain, which is now to the southwest. But up ahead... continue south on old US 99 to find out.

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