California - Old US 99 - Dunsmuir

Former US 99, Dunsmuir

Looking north along Crag View Drive, here's Mount Shasta, the second highest Cascade and, like its big brother Mount Rainier, a volcano.

As I merge onto I-5 on the south end of Dunsmuir, Sweetbrier Ridge rises ahead.

Fish? On lampposts? Now I've seen everything. But only in 2013-2014, because these were art installations that were then auctioned.

Plenty of seats at the Theatre California.

I-5 enters city limits facing Soda Creek Ridge.

Continue south on old US 99 to Shasta-Trinity National Forest
Continue north on old US 99 to Shasta Valley

Old US 99 (Business I-5) road photos in Dunsmuir
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