California - San Diego - Cabrillo Nat'l Monument - Tidal Pools

Cabrillo National Monument tidal pools

The scenic view to the north.

On the east coast, all we get on the seashore are dirty garbage-eating seagulls and lost pigeons. On the west coast, your typical seabird flock just happens to be pelicans, which are better at everything than east coast birds, including formation flying, beak length, and being photogenic.

The tidal pools that make up Cabrillo National Monument. All of the holes are from sea creatures eating through solid rock to find a place to dig themselves in and wait for high tide to wash food over them. As you can see, high tide can be very much higher than low tide, and mollusks just retreat deep into their shells to hold onto enough water to survive the intervals.

More views of the hillsides saturated with residential nooks and crannies.

And more views of the tidal pools, flecked with shells.

Among all the seaweed washed into the tidal pools is just this one flower. I have no idea how, because underwater plants typically don't bloom.

When you have a lot of seafood in easy reach, you also tend to have a lot of seabirds. While I'm down in the hole of the pool, I'm blessed by a direct flyover of the entire pelican flock from before.

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