California - CA 94

CA Route 94

Photos progress westward.

Leaving Campo Kumeyaay Nation and entering Campo Valley.

Hauser Mountain is on the right, Canyon City is ahead, and Mexico is just to the left.

Panning from right to left.

White Mountain comes into view on the right as the highway starts following Potrero Creek. Route 188 heads to Tecate and Route 94 starts heading toward White Mountain.

The last 4 photos pan from west to north. Tecate Mountain is to the left, not pictured because I'm too close to its foothills to see it.

White Mountain and its foothills. The last 2 photos look progressively more north and even a little east.

The small mountain in the 1st/3rd photos is Little Tecate Peak, heading west from Barrett Junction. The last photo bends back southeast to full-sized Tecate Peak.

More Little and regular Tecates as the highway winds its way up the former.

Starting to the right at first, then staring to the left.

Now heading into the San Ysidro Mountains, featuring classic Mexican (or near-border) rocks posing as mountains.

Left and right to the south, not Mexico but close.

The highway is now following Dulzura Creek.

Exiting the mountains, Route 94 heads straight to Jamul and the Jamul Mountains are to the west.

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