California - Old US 99 - CA 86

CA Route 86, former US 99

Photos follow my travel southward.

I'm on old Route 86 south of Indio, approaching Torres-Martinez Reservation, with the Santa Rosa Mountains to my southwest.

More views of the Santa Rosas as I near the south end of the old alignment at Avenue 81.

One view east across Salton Sea at the Chocolate Mountains. Very salty chocolate though.

Same Santa Rosa mountains, but now on Route 86 proper.

Some chocolatey views east as I head toward Salton City; first two photos are a left/right pair.

Past the Santa Rosa Mountains and nearing sunset, the next range in view is the Vallecito Mountains, fronted by Borrego Mountain, and the Fish Creek Mountains follow (5th photo). The last 3 photos pan from south to west across those ranges.

Salton Sea and Chocolate Mountains are still to the east.

Sun sets in the west from Brawley.

Photos facing south and east, not into the sun. The suboceanic Spreckels plant is at Keystone Road and the mountains ahead are the Sierra Cucapa in México.

Last licks for sun-tinted clouds to the west.

Growing daylight to the south and east as I head toward the border the next morning. I believe I've found the Gila Mountains way over in southeast Arizona.

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Road photos from CA Route 86
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