California - Old US 99 - CA 263

CA Route 263, former US 99 in Shasta River Canyon

Photos follow my travel southward.

As the sun rises in the east, I cross the Klamath River to the south. Riverview Peak is ahead, the north foothill of Badger Mountain, which forms the west side of the canyon.

Looking back north across the Klamath River and Route 96, the north end of Route 263.

After continuing south for the first 3 photos, I pivot around west, to north, ending in the east.

From south to east.

Looking down north (downstream) and east (upstream) at the path of the Shasta River just north of Pioneer Bridge.

The eye-level scene to the north from there.

Heading south from Dry Gulch, the surprise of the page is a glimpse of Mt. Shasta to the southeast.

Same spot as the Shasta photo, looking west and north.

And looking south along the river, which switched sides of the road at Pioneer Bridge.

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Road photos from CA Route 263
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