British Columbia - Highway 97 - N of Charlie Lk.

Highway 97 north of Charlie Lake

All photos were taken heading north and are generally within 90 degrees of that direction.

Here's a westward view of the Northern Rockies near Wonowon. That's not a First Nations name. It's at Mile 101 of the Alaska Highway. 101... one oh one... got it?

The highway then curves west toward said Northern Rockies, obviously not reentering (why go through all that engineering), but just for some views.

Northward and one westward photo as the highway begins its descent to the community of Sikanni Chief.

The Sikanni Chief River is to my right, obviously the community's namesake.

More Rockies, looking northwest in the vicinity of Mt. Ulysses and a little more westerly toward Sikanni Chief. The mountain, not the town - nor the river.

A couple more (south- and north-)westward views.

Nothing much on the right for the next few minutes, just these hills. So let's look left.

Panning from right to left across the Northern Rockies.

More westerly views, ending a little southerly.

All clear ahead, some mountains to the left. Let's try something fun.

I stopped the car, started in the north, and took a series of photos panning through west to south. This is the most comprehensive look you'll get of this stretch of Northern Rockies.

Prepare to leave the mountains behind that you just saw too much of. Highway 97 is about to curve away from them to head northeast to Prophet River.

But first, one last look back south.

By the second photo, I've entered Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, which occupies about 10% of British Columbia's land area and has amalgamated the only sizable settlement this far north, Fort Nelson. The escarpments you see from there on are northeast of Prophet River by Klua Lakes, the fartheast reaches of the Northern Rockies geomorphology.

Looking southwest, to the left and right, just before Highway 97 meets the Highway 77 turnof to Liard Highway in the Northwest Territories.

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