British Columbia - Highway 97 - Pine Pass-Charlie Lk.

Highway 97, Pine Pass to Charlie Lake

All photos were taken heading northbound, but that is generally not cardinal north on this page.

Once I get through Pine Pass, the road heads more or less easterly, so these photos are looking east and occasionally north, up to about 1 km from Calazon Creek.

Another stretch o scenery east to about Solitude Mountain.

Clearly, the road is facing northeast, given the summer morning sun.

A couple of looks back west at the Hart Ranges I just came from.

Looking left, and then right for two photos along Pine River (which Highway 97 follows out of Pine Pass) where Hasler Creek meets it.

These photos are generally southeast, about 3 km east of Hasler Creek.

Skipping Chetwynd (see big link at bottom), I look left (call it north) and then I find myself staring straight ahead at a peak south of Pine River. But I'm supposed to be going north!

By Sundance Lakes (this is one of a few grouped together), the road is heading east again and this is on my left.

Things get really wonky approaching the Pine River bridge at the Murray River junction. Highway 97 is up high on both sides but descends for a shorter and cheaper bridge. As I head north, the road (which is really east at this point) curves south, then keeps curving until I'm heading back west again. By the last photo, if I kept going straight I would recross Highway 97 well over an hour to the west, giving you an idea of the challenging geography that had to be managed in crossing the Hart Ranges.

In contrast, I am looking left at the same peak a few minutes later as I ascend the east side of the Pine River bridge. After another switchback, the road has looped back around to its proper northward orientation - briefly, until turning back east.

Looking southeast at Bear Mountain Wind Park, which is located southwest of Dawson Creek.

Highway 97 bypasses Dawson Creek, so these photos skip ahead to the Peace River as Highway 97 approaches a related bridge.

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