British Columbia - Highway 7

Highway 7

All photos were taken heading east.

Sumas Mountain is to my right as I leave Mission.

Dewdney Peak is on my left - and a little bit is straight ahead - and then as I cross Nicomen Slough in Dewdney, it ends and Nicomen Mountain begins.

Some more Nicomen Mountain photos from there east.

Panning from east to south across the widening in Harrison River known as Harrison Bay. Mt. Woodside is due east, and Harrison Knob sits on the left side of Harrison Hill to the south.

Looking west toward Nicomen Mountain and northeast toward Mt. Woodside from the Highway 7 bridge over the Harrison River.

A few minutes later, this is the foggy view south over the Fraser River.

Alternating between Cemetery and Hopyard Hills to the east, and the unnamed hills northeast of Agassiz just north of them.

Mt. Agassiz is to my north, on the east side of Mt. Woodside.

More views of the unnamed hills as I approach Agassiz.

After leaving Highway 9, the next mountain visible east of Highway 7 is Mt. Ludwig.

The highway is right up against Mt. Hicks to its north.

For some reason, this hill just northeast of Mt. Devoy goes unnamed even though it's taller. These two and Mt. Ludwig are part of the Skagit Range. Photos look east-southeast across the Fraser River toward Floods.

The Lillooet Range is to the north. These hills are also unnamed, but connected to Dog Mountain.

The very end of the road affords northeastward views of Ogilvie Peak and, to its left (last photo), Jorgenson Peak in the Cascade Mountains.

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