British Columbia - Highway 5

Highway 5

Photos progress northward until the very end of the page.

Heading north from Highway 3 into the Cascade Mountains.

Views of Mt. Jarvis, one of the Cascades, with Coquihalla River to the left.

The highway squeezes between Mt. Jarvis to the right and Jorgenson Peak to the left, with Squeah Mountain ahead.

This arm of Squeah Peak folds around Deneau Creek, which separates it from Jorgenson Peak, to come down to the highway. On my right, Mt. Snider comes down to the highway behind Mt. Jarvis with its two arms (3rd photo shows both). So far, we've paired "J" names and then "S" names.

Next to the west after Squeah Peak is Bombtram Mountain. There is no counterpart "B" name on the east.

There is a ridge north of Mt. Snider that is either unnamed or an offshoot of Mt. Sutter to its east.

Beyond that ridge, Portia Peak is next.

More of Bombtram Mountain, which then gives way to its own unnamed ridge behind Ottomite Peak and in front of Zupjok Peak.

The highway bends toward Portia Peak once more.

As I run through the unnamed ridge, Zupjok Pe-eks out from behind it and then transitions to Ottomite Peak, a short isolated peak just beyond the Great Bear Snow Shed. Unfortunately for my captions, the unnamed ridge itself is not Great Bear.

Zopkios Peak follows Ottomite Peak in the land of the Z's, with Nak Peak behind it. The highway has a full view of its rocky goodness.

As the highway heads east below Zopkios Peak, Illal Mountain is to my right, Markhor Peak is beyond that to the southeast, and there's another unnamed ridge to the east.

Two more views of the eastern ridge, featuring my black jeans (good for photo darkening unless the sun shines just right as it does here), then another look south at Illal Mountain featuring a water bottle (not good for photo darkening).

The ridge transitions into the foothills of Mt. Henning.

There's a brief, shallow but stunning gorge visible to the west. It drains Zoa Peak (more Z's) into the Coquihalla River.

More Mt. Henning views by the Coquihalla Lakes.

Heading north by Juliet Creek to Shovelnose Mountain - I assume that's the shovelnose in my photos - and beyond.

The last two photos were taken heading south on Highway 5 instead of north, looking across the South Thompson River at Juniper Ridge east of Kamloops.

One last photo heading south, but really facing west along the Trans-Canada Highway, with Highways 5 and 97 along for the ride west of Kamloops.

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