British Columbia - Highway 39/Mackenzie

Highway 39 and Mackenzie

Scenery as I start north from Highway 97. Mackenzie is 24 kilometres from here, which makes these the southern foothills of Mt. Crysdale in the Canadian Rockies.

What was to my north before, is now to my east.

Back to northward facing again. Is this Mt. Crysdale, or just a slightly closer foothill than before?

I've finally made it to Mackenzie. What large teeth the tree crusher has! All the better to eat you(r trees) with.

Sunset in town.

Sunrise as I head back south. I believe the sun is hitting Mt. Scovil.

Staring eastward until the sun is in my eyes.

The Rockies are a bit lower in this area, looking south near the southern end of the highway. Mt. Chingee is in the distance.

South onto Highway 97
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