British Columbia

British Columbia

Crossing the border on the White River & Yukon Railroad from Alaska to... the moon. Trees don't grow much above 3' tall here, and the entire plateau has a very eerie, lifeless look to it, even though much of the terrain is green. And yes, these are in British Columbia, not the moon.

Charlie Lake
Dawson Creek
(Greater) Vancouver
Vancouver Island
 ~ Ladysmith
 ~ Victoria
      • Parliament Buildings
 ~ West Vancouver-Nanaimo Ferry

Trans-Canada Highway 1
Highway 3
Highway 5
Highway 7
Highway 17
Highway 39 and Mackenzie
Highway 93
Highways 95 and 93
Highway 97
Highways 97C and 97D

Coldwater Road, Kingsvale-Merritt
Lac Le Jeune Road, Kamloops area

From the border, it's on up to the hammer waters, so named because of the sound of early invaders American and Canadian visitors hammering on their salmon traps. The Tlingit (they pronounce it Klinkit, and now so do you) word for hammer waters is Klondike. Eureka, a name! Eureka, a 5-carat gold nugget! I'll go buy an Internet startup now.

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