Wyoming Roads - I-25


Heading out of a truck stop near Cheyenne on old US 30, taken in 1981 by Michael Summa.

WY 212 WB and Business US 87 SB leaving Cheyenne (well, WY 212 is a southeastern loop), past US 85 where Business 87 turns onto 212. Another 1980's Michael Summa photo.

All remaining photos are courtesy Rich Piehl and date from 2002.

Southbound state-name shields at both ends of the US 26 multiplex. Yes, an east-west route stays with a north-south route for almost 100 miles, as I-25 jogs eastward from Casper to line up with Cheyenne.

I-90 EB - again, though too small to see, those shields are state-name (it may just be a Wyoming thing).

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