West Virginia Roads - WV 93

WV 93

WV 93 EB/WV 42 SB come down the hill from Liberty with a scenic view of the new US 48 bridge over WV 93.

Before I get there, here's an old EB sign that predates WV's conversion of secondary routes from white on green to black on white.

Up the new WV 93 interchange ramp to US 48, whose eastern segment ended here in 2013. The gap to the western segment will take at least 20 years beyond that to complete.

Looking north from the ramp at the US 48 overpass of WV 93, which will open quite a bit sooner than 2033.

One unfortunately blurry look west at unopened future US 48 and two looks east at newly opened US 48, down to a single lane each way (snow or no snow) due to lack of need for more than that. In fact, it may never get two lanes' worth of traffic even after it's complete.

Up onto US 48
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