West Virginia Roads - WV 9/US 340

WV 9 and 9/US 340

EB at US 522 in Berkeley Springs.

All of my photos were taken at night and eastbound (US 340 SB).

And all of these photos, courtesy Lou Corsaro, were taken during the day and westbound. These encompass the US 340 NB concurrency.

These are all still Lou's westbound photos, so how did he get off the trail? It's because there's a new expressway section from Charles Town on up to WV 480, where it temporarily ended when Lou came upon this old shield. WV 9 still continued to the left, but the right was just the old road. Now both directions are the old road and the expressway is complete to Martinsburg.

When Lou was driving the road in May 2010, the gap ended again east of Douglas Grove Road, and it's clear there was substantial progress to connect the dots. It's rare for a contractor to provide temporary access between interchanges rather than just build what they have to and let cars get on at the permanent location down the road.

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