West Virginia Roads - WV 7

East across the 1961 New Martinsville Bridge from Ohio as WV 7 begins.

Looking north and south along the Ohio River from the bridge. North features the Hannibal Locks and Dam.

Two photos and a clickable video to drive back west into Ohio, where you'll come to the end at OH 7 just after WV 7 ends. That's not confusing, right?

WV 7 WB/US 19 NB at the beginning of WV 705, a route plagued by ugly shields.

The same routes EB/SB at Fayette St., just west of downtown Morgantown.

Heading west into Morgantown. See if you can spot which photo I took years ago!

EB in the same spot.

Just some old bridge on my way west to Morgantown.

Kingwood Pike is an alternate route east from Morgantown to Reedsville, where it meets up with WV 7 (at the stop sign), which then comes to WV 92. The little "4" is the old style of mile marker; Kingwood Pike is in Preston County for just about exactly 4 miles as SR 27.

Continuing east to the county seat of Kingwood, where all this stuff is at the corner of Price St., obviously named for the tavern owner. It's actually notable that the entire town isn't called Prices Corner or similar. The monument is for the Union forces in the Civil War; recall that West Virginia was formed by several counties breaking away from Virginia to stay with the North.

Town-made WB sign.

WB through the forests near Maryland. Judging from the age of these chevrons, I'd guess that the reverse coloration is the old WV standard, as opposed to a one-off experiment.

I think this photo looks south. WV 7 is mostly in the woods, and there's only a very brief clearing that affords a view like this. Fortunately, despite the lack of shoulders, there should be no traffic to hinder you from taking your time to set this shot up.

Into the state WB, from Maryland.

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