West Virginia Roads - WV 67

WV 67

All photos are westbound.

Starting at Pennsylvania and ending in Bethany, the only town on the route until it ends in Wellsburg. The bridge crosses Sugarcamp Run east of town, the mysterious silo is at Peace Point Rd., and the red house is Delta Tau Delta.

The gateway to Bethany and its college is on the west side, since most people would be coming in from roads like I-70 or OH 7. Even from the east, the preferred route drops in from the north on WV 88 and comes back east on WV 67 - under this walkway. (It also wouldn't make sense to have a walkway on the other side of town where is neither a college nor a grade differential above the road.)

If you can't read the sign, the tunnels were removed 50 years ago, or else I would have spent some more time in Bethany. If you can't read at all, then why am I even typing this?

Another manifestation of DTD's legacy spreads from Bethany west to Wellsburg. However, it, too, has been removed, along with the rest of this bridge remnant. (I think I caught the removal in progress, as this appears to be too few beams to support anything.)

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