West Virginia Roads - WV 55

WV 55

Photos on this page are in a westerly progression, and are either westbound or taken out my back window.

West Virginia uses a graphical school bus stop sign that took me awhile to understand. Nah, it didn't. I like.

Towering bridges take Corridor H, West Virginia's newest expressway (they insist it's a freeway but it has grade crossings) over the route it's slowly replacing (WV 55, if you didn't pick that up from the title of this page).

More towering bridges a few miles to the west. Corridor H follows the ridgeline, avoiding houses but ruining the mountains.

Onto the part that was open by summer 2006, on WV 259 SB/55 WB. WV 55's old route is still largely intact, turning from WV 259 south of this interchange, crossing Corridor H (current WV 55) twice, and ending in the middle of Moorefield.

Looking eastward at the incomplete expressway; construction continues along it to extend the traversable highway (and the WV 55 designation) to Wardensville.

To the right, virgin West Virginia scenery. Along the highway, ruined mountains bleeding geology. I want my Pulitzer Prize, dammit.

Crossing from one hill to the next over a valley, instead of going the old-fashioned way into the valley.

Stepped rock cuts (to help stop rockfalls) and an intersection along a "freeway," which West Virginia doesn't seem to mind and AAA maps just swallow up. The East Moorefield exit used to be signed for WV 55, but with the new freeway extension west to US 220, there's no route exiting here now.

Coming to the end of the open freeway, with more construction in the distance.

The interchange is not at US 220, but at a road east of there that then turns a corner and runs down into the valley to meet US 220. This looks down from that eastern road at future WV 55, and the construction on the Corridor H overpasses crossing US 220.

The road connecting the interchange to US 220 is about a mile long, and these photos were taken from it looking north at the unopened freeway.

When the green sign says Grant County, the white sign tells you about Grant County. When the green sign says Randolph County, the white sign tells you about... Randolph County. The Grant County line is on WV 55/US 220/WV 28, and the Continental Divide is on WV 55/US 33.

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