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WV 527

WV 152 NB magically becomes WV 527 when it gets to I-64. The first photo is courtesy H.B. Elkins because the sign has been replaced by ugly Clearview.

The first photo is again courtesy H.B. Elkins because it was replaced by the sign in the second photo. Of course, the last photo looks south from that same point. It looked like the original sign designer forgot whether 527 was primary or secondary, so hedged his bet. WV decided to correct the problem in a very definitive way. You'll see a normal shield later on this page.

But first, you'll see a lot more of those mixed-bag specials as I head north from Fourpole Creek into Huntington. These shields lead you from 8th Ave. to 5th Ave. to get under the railroad bridge that you see in the last photo.

The entrance to the Robert C. Byrd Bridge is at 6th St. (WV 527 NB) and 4th Ave. It replaced the old 6th St. Bridge (which had carried US 52 for decades) in 1994. This is one of the only places you'll see standalone OH and WV shields side by side.

These SB signs are actually posted above the intersection with the alley between 3rd and 4th Aves., but it will be a slow journey to US 60 WB if you turn right there, and you won't get downtown by turning left. 4th Ave. is not US 60 West just yet, with that route still following Veterans Memorial Blvd., but they will join in a few blocks, so the sign ought to say "TO" West US 60. Click for closeup.

Button copy for this exit starts on the bridge and ends at the bottom of the exit ramp. I explained why there's no shield for US 60 WB along this exit, but know that turning left would indeed put me onto that route.

One last taste of button copy and then across the bridge to the Ohio border. The sign should really omit the "North WV 527", since that is not an exit in 1/2 mile and it won't even exist in 1/2 mile. That'd be OH 527.

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