West Virginia Roads - WV 51

WV 51

WV 51 doesn't join US 11 for very long, but it's enough for a state name shield and EB/SB older guide sign.

WVDOH got so excited to repaint this bridge east of US 11 that they even took care of the concrete barrier below the truss.

Downtown Charles Town where US 340 used to run, giving WV 51 a little extra life when 340 was pulled around to the WV 9 bypass. The courthouse is where John Brown, he of raiding fame, was sentenced to hang. There's a rope hanging straight down in front of the second-floor balcony, but he was hanged a few blocks to the south.

Although WV 51 EB ends in the second photo, there's no route that would see the sign in the third photo so I may as well put it here.

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