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WV 480

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, taken at a time when the WV 9 freeway was in a state of construction, such that WV 9 WB temporarily came north up SR 1 to this intersection to turn left and rejoin the old road. That means the EB shield is already wrong, but WVDOH was probably waiting until the freeway was completed before removing them both. Unfortunately, that also spelled the demise of the old shield for WV 480, which begins to this day here at the old road instead of modern 9. It's all state-maintained anyway, but primary highways get better care and signage.

Progressing north to an odd monument on the NB side that makes me think only of the Confederate flag. It has the 13 points approximating the star locations, and the cross appears to be the right color (blue, albeit faded). And here I thought WV seceded from the Confederacy.

Oh, wait, this is the WV 480 page, not SR 480. Or have detour shields around the country been excluded from using the correct shape for the last 15 years and I just wasn't informed?

SB from Maryland, the reason for the detour. What a greeting - you enter the state, the first shield is wrong, and then you have to turn off the road you were trying to follow.

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