West Virginia Roads - WV 43

WV 43

All photos were taken on June 18, 2011 at the Morgantown Road Meet.

Although it's a freeway all the way up to the Pittsburgh area, WV 43 nevertheless has a diamond interchange at I-68. West Virginia can afford to blow apart mountains and build roads to nowhere, but they can't even make this a simple trumpet? That leads to the bizarreness seen here, where traffic exiting I-68 EB is invited to U-turn, although to be fair, there's a cut-off development to the south whose only access is via this interchange. So, really, the correct answer is to link all that stuff up with SR 857 and keep WV 43 unencumbered by left turns. During construction, there was a temporary two-way road built down from the interchange to immediately adjacent SR 857, maintaining the original connection north to Pennsylvania.

One more pavement layer and some stripes, and we have a freeway.

Everything's ready to go up here; in fact, I-68 WB traffic has a direct line up WV 43 to this exit during construction instead of being shunted off to SR 857 straightaway. I wonder how many adventurers sneak between the barrels and continue north?

Getting creative with various southward views of the SB roadway where it overcrosses SR 857 south of Exit 1.

A couple more northward views from down there, and we're ready to move on.

My next vantage point is Morgans Run Rd. (SR 71) WB, almost up to PA.

Looking south and north along future WV 43 from there.

A pretty impressive span is needed to cross the Morgans Run valley. These photos look north from the south side where the hillside was cut away to build a road, WV-style. I included some humans for scale in the first photo.

WV 43 SB at the same location, from a little hilltop road that runs next to the freeway.

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