West Virginia Roads - WV 28/Alt. 28

WV 28 and Alt. WV 28

Both courtesy H.B. Elkins. The "ALT" banner is nice and old, but it should still be in the right place, below the "JCT."

SB with US 220 and WV 55 WB.

NB with US 220, dropping off WV 55 EB just before the last photo onto then-under construction Corridor H (in 2006). It takes longer to build the bridge than the rest of the roadway due to all of the foundation work and concrete pouring, so that's why there's nothing connecting to the overpass yet. It is, of course, now open to the west (as US 48), although not that far, and still not connecting to the rest of Corridor H (US 33, to become part of 48 as well).

First sign heading south from Cumberland, MD on Alt. WV 28. Is it just me, or does "erected" look emphasized somehow?

Back north into Maryland on the Alternate route.

US 50 east of Grafton and WV 28/US 50

Into Maryland on (secret) MD 942
Onto WV 92
Onto US 220
Up onto WV 55
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