West Virginia Roads - WV 273/Million Dollar Br.

WV 273 (Gateway Connector) and Million Dollar Bridge

Stoney Rd., SR 31/2, EB from the bottom of WV 273 as it heads toward WV 310. Until WV 273 was constructed, WV 310 was the "gateway" into Fairmont.

NB, more notable for the ugly thick black border than the ubiquitous WV state name in the I- shield.

Looking south at the new I-79 bridge, the second arch overpass across the freeway in this area (the other is up by Morgantown).

Looking southeast across I-79 along the road that used to cross here, State St.

Looking east from Pleasant Valley Rd. where it hits 273. This building isn't old, just imaginative.

No, no, no, roundabouts do not a Gateway make. This is almost the whole route, by the way, looking north.

The last bit of WV 273 comes down a hill to end at WV 310, with the Million Dollar Bridge continuing unnumbered on Jefferson St. to meet US 19/US 250. If this is really a Gateway and a Connector, WV 273 ought to Connect with the Gateway to the downtown and not just end at the first opportunity.

Looking northwest from WV 273/310 at the bridge, also known by at least two other names (High-Level and Jefferson St.; I refuse to acknowledge political tack-ons). It comes with plenty of golden eagles and a great view across the river.

A few more views along the east side of the bridge.

And now along the west side. The Morgantown Road Meet stayed on the southeast side of the Monongahela River at all times in Fairmont.

An alleyway provides a glimpse across the river from WV 310 at another road directly across, Madison St. Keep this in mind for now, as it will be notable farther down the page.

For more views of the Million Dollar Bridge, we head down to the waterfront via Water St., which is accessed from WV 310. At Water St./Morgantown Ave., there's a stub abutment on the northeast corner, which used to carry a railroad spur crossing over Water St. right next to the intersection.

Heading down Water St., there's a substantial retaining wall on the south side that looks like it ends with a stub of its own. So, yeah, this was a small railryard at the end of the line, and pieces of it have been clawed away over the years. The missing chunk in the last photo may have been taken to facilitate rehabbing the Million Dollar Bridge just to the west.

Water St. WB/SB, about to pass under the bridge that was recently restored to its original splendor.

Now looking EB/NB, panning from left to right.

Just for fun.

There still is a railroad on the northwest shore of the Monongahela, and it crosses this old bridge at some little stream.

So, remember that Madison St. from before? Here's what predates even the 1921 Million Dollar Bridge, the original crossing of the river - you guessed it, the Madison Street Bridge. All that's left are a pair of piers and that straight-across view from a road on the south side named... wait for it... Bridge Street. Proof positive.

One more Madison St. view, from Water St., capturing both piers and the road behind them.

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