West Virginia Roads - E. Huntington Bridge

East Huntington Bridge

31st St. SB at the bridge entrance (5th Ave.). 31st St. NB is US 60 WB as far as 3rd Ave., which forms a one-way pair with US 60 EB on 5th Ave., so 31st St. SB technically has no number. If WV got creative, they could have curled WV 2 SB onto it - or even onto the bridge, which is instead secret WV 106.

The southern end of WV 106 meets 31st St. at 4th Ave.

SB on the bridge from the state line midspan to the approach transition. It's hard to tell whether the bridge median is a stub for a future extension or just how WV decided to build its half of the span. A potential extension would explain why WV 106 NB is a right exit from 5th Ave. instead of a left exit. The intent appears to have been taking the approach roadway a little farther to the 8th Ave. intersection with US 60, thus separating through traffic from city traffic.

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