West Virginia Roads - US 52

US 52

Not sure where this bridge is, because the photo was taken by Lou Corsaro. It's somewhere near the US 119 concurrency, but (he says) probably on US 52.

WV 75 EB at I-64 Exit 1, with a US 52 concurrency straight ahead coming off of I-64 to the left. The first available bridge is 5 miles to the east, so US 52 heads all the way over there (once through Huntington, now around it), then heads all the way back on the other side of the river. A much more direct routing would cross in Ashland, KY, and then the rest could be called Business 52 - if I were in charge.

SB entering West Virginia at Huntington, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

A NB run in the same location, courtesy Lou Corsaro. US 52 is basically a freeway tying directly into the West Huntington Bridge (in fact, it's called the West Huntington Expressway), but it necks down to two lanes to get across. What was on those signs before? H.B. Elkins tells me it was Chesapeake, OH, which is to the east and not at all on 52. No wonder it was replaced.

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