West Virginia Roads - US 35

US 35

One photo courtesy H.B. Elkins and one video to click to enter WV on US 35 SB.

Just southeast of WV 2, a railroad bridge crosses US 35 and then the Kanawha River. I got closer to it on Locust St., looking north.

This faded sign is on Smith St. at Locust St.

Turning back south on Locust St. to Chestnut St., which is old US 35 through Henderson.

Back north on Chestnut St. to WV 2, with views of the Bartow Jones Bridge that 2 uses to cross the Kanawha. Once upon a time, US 35 NB turned right onto the predecessor Shadle Bridge into Point Pleasant, then left on the Silver Bridge to enter Ohio. That lasted until 1967, when lack of maintenance of a critical eyebar resulted in the bridge going into the river and taking 46 lives with it. The new bridge was built a mile south, and that's why it's called the Silver Memorial Bridge.

Starting back north toward Ohio, first photo from the end of Chestnut St. and the last photo courtesy H.B. Elkins from the age of button copy.

The bridge and its components, north to the Ohio state line.

The Silver Memorial Bridge offers an excellent vantage of the perpendicular Bartow Jones Bridge at the mouth of the Kanawha River.

Looking northeast along the Ohio River, with a railroad bridge in the foreground and the Gavin Power Plant (Ohio side) in the background. The Point Pleasant Rail Bridge (Norfolk Southern) used to be just north of the Silver Bridge.

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